Not only is the number of private schools growing, the commercial providers are also gaining greater influence over content and teaching. For that reason the 2015 UEN National Congress decided that the union should take a stand, at every level, against increased privatisation, competitive tendering and commercialisation. In this strategy we will be setting out goals and means for this process. 

The strategy aims to boost our efforts to combat increased privatisation, commercialisation and competitive tendering of school provision. We shall be working for the education sector to remain under public sector control and for public funding to benefit pupils. The strategy highlights the role and influence of the teaching profession in safeguarding equity and quality in education. Equally important is working to ensure that school staff enjoy good terms of pay and employment and that employee representatives have genuine co-determination.

The Union of Education Norway (UEN) believes that

  • Education should be a public service available to all.
  • Public spending on education should benefit children and young people in its entirety and not generate profit for commercial enterprises.
  • Education content should not be commercialised. Responsibility for pedagogical content in Early Childhood Education (ECE) institutions and schools should rest with the leaders and teachers.
  • Increased privatisation and commercialisation weakens democratic control and governance of education in Norway.
  • Employees in private ECE institutions and schools must enjoy the same terms of pay and employment as their peers in public ECE institutions and schools.

Also read the Norwegian version of the strategy